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Don’t be a thief—save your grade, use Bib Me™ and give credit to those who deserve it!is the oldest species of hominin to be found in southern Africa.A selection of short, engaging practical demonstrations on various biology, chemistry and physics topics.The page also leads to many other useful resources.Cave sites where it is found have been dated approximately to 3-2.0 ma based mostly on biochronological methods (dating methods utilizing the relative chronologies of non-hominin animal fossils).Its morphology is similar to to be found, in 1924, was a juvenile skull from the site of Taung in South Africa. It is packed with activities (including flash cards, loop cards, plant part dominoes, snap, memory game of matching pairs, happy families and more). A series of activities that give pupils an opportunity to explore different aspects of fruits and seeds and to understand how (and why) they are dispersed.

Vanadium is a soft, ductile, silver-grey metal that is used primarily to make metal alloys for high-strength steel production.

Please make every effort to avoid "unknowns" by diligently labeling and dating inventory.

Notice: Disposal of hazardous waste using sinks, intentional evaporation, or as regular trash is against the law.

These sites are limestone caves that were eaten away by rainwater and filled with animal remains and sediments from the surface.

Nickel has relatively low electrical and thermal conductivities, has strength and toughness at elevated temperatures, is easily shaped into thin wires and flat sheets and is capable of being magnetised.

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This belief was held in part because of a fossil skull and jaw found in England, called Piltdown Man, which had a large brain like a human but with a jaw and teeth that were more primitive (more like those of an ape).