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Simpsons episode low expectations dating service

Basically, they admit that without Jerkass Homer they’re kinda lost. – Short discussion about coming up with fake movie titles. – Reminiscing about Simpsons things that used to be on before movies.

The series' first episode aired in December of 1989, and befitting a show that has aired new episodes in four separate decades, it has a bunch of elements that feel very early '90s.The Simpsons also depicted Trump as US President in a more recent episode called Trumptastic Voyage.One of the long term writers of The Simpsons, Dan Greaney recently explained that "It was a warning to America".Groundskeeper Willie: (Drives up in tractor with Willy painted on it and does a wheelie) Get ready forsome big Willie style! Krusty the Clown: (Drives up and hops out) Hey-Hey! Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: (Drives in on two side wheels) Driving this car is more dangerousthan the night shift at the Kwik-E-Mart. Barney Gumble: (The truck has a bunch of snow in the back and Homer isstanding behind the truck) Whoa, its my turn to drive already??! Moe Szyslak: (Drives up and trunk opens and a Panda appears) Vamoose.

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The plot is centered on how Smithers longs for the love of Mr. Burns remains oblivious to what Smithers truly wants.