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4 – The applicant then gives the FIMS Scratch card and application form (which was given to the applicant when the FIMS Scratch card was purchased) to the Data Entry Officer who verifies the PIN on the FIMS Scratch card and captures the data on the application form into the database.

For example, a firm which performs business advisory, record keeping, payroll and tax services for small businesses and furnishes forms, binders, and other property to its clients as an incident to the rendition of its services is the consumer and not the retailer of such tangible personal property.The lab consists of a virtual infrastructure of clients and servers serving the needs of multiple CS department classes such as: The studies of information assurance, computer security, high assurance system architecture and authentication where it is used to introduce students to studies in high assurance systems, public key infrastructure, mandatory access control, viruses, covert channels and the reference monitor concept.The security manager's view of diverse management concerns associated with administering and operating an automated information system facility with minimized risk.If in addition to rendering service they regularly sell tangible personal property to consumers, they are retailers with respect to such sales and they must obtain permits, file returns and remit tax measured by such sales.If their purchases of tangible personal property are predominantly for consumption rather than for resale, they should not give resale certificates covering such purchases but should follow the procedure prescribed in the regulation governing "Tax-Paid Purchases Resold." The basic distinction in determining whether a particular transaction involves a sale of tangible personal property or the transfer of tangible personal property incidental to the performance of a service is one of the true object of the contract; that is, is the real object sought by the buyer the service per se or the property produced by the service.

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Persons engaged in the business of rendering service are consumers, not retailers, of the tangible personal property which they use incidentally in rendering the service.